Get the Most Out of Facebook Ads Manager

Get the Most Out of Facebook Ads Manager


The Facebook Ads Manager is a sophisticated tool, and there’s more to it than meets the eye. Learn how to take full advantage of this powerful platform with these helpful tips and tricks that will allow you to reach the widest possible audience while still staying within your advertising budget. By the end of this post, you’ll be an expert at creating effective Facebook ads with this easy-to-use platform!


Creating an Ad


Facebook Ad Manager is a powerful tool that allows you to create and manage your ads. You can set up ads to run on a schedule, decide how much you want to spend, and even target specific people or audiences. With so many features, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are some tips for getting started with creating your first ad campaign: 1. Identify your goals
2. Choose what type of ad to use
3. Determine who should see the ad
4. Craft a message
5. Decide on budget
6. Create an image (You’ll need an image to tell potential customers why they should buy your product. Think about what words best describe your business – do you offer great customer service? Do you have the best products?)
7. Targeting your audience (The more information you provide, the more accurate the targeting will be.)
8. Set a budget (Ads cost money – think about how much you’re willing to invest in this project before setting a budget.)
9. Review and launch! It’s time to review your ad for any errors or mistakes. Are there typos? Did you make sure everything matches the details of your business? If all looks good, hit publish and watch as your new ad campaign goes live!
10. Track performance (Facebook offers tools like conversion pixels and UTM links that help track which channels are most successful at reaching new customers.)
11. Review ROI/Return on Investment (If you’re not seeing success right away, don’t get discouraged- continue reviewing data every few weeks to see if performance changes) 12. Optimize & Repeat – Continue optimizing by checking things like demographics, interests, language etc., until results improve

Managing Your Ads


To manage your ads, click on Ads in the left-hand menu. You’ll then be able to edit any existing ads, create new ones, or pause any running campaigns. To edit an existing ad, click on it and make changes as needed. If you want to make a change to an ad that’s not currently running, click Create Ad. To create a new ad campaign, click Campaigns, select an objective (like lead generation or product awareness) and set up your budget and schedule. You can also choose a location for this campaign so that it only runs in certain regions where you think it will work best.


For example, if you’re promoting a local event like New York Fashion Week, you might want to run your ads in New York City. To see what your audience is seeing, head to Audience Overview. Here you’ll see demographics information about who has seen your ads, as well as which devices they’ve seen them on and what time of day they saw them. You can also view demographic breakdowns by age group and gender here. From here you can adjust how much money is spent on each age group or gender category too!


Reporting on Your Ads


When you click on Reporting on Your Ads in the left hand menu, you will be directed to a page with three tabs: Spending and Performance, Audience Insights, and Bidding and Pricing. The first tab is where you can see how much money your ads have cost, how many impressions they have generated, and how many people clicked on them. The second tab provides demographic information about your ad’s audience. The third tab lets you set a maximum bidding price for your ads as well as a budget amount.


You also have the option to pause your campaign if needed. If you want to make changes to your targeting or bid settings, these options are available at the top right corner of this page. There are four different ways you can access this screen: clicking on Bidding & Pricing in the left-hand menu; clicking Campaign Settings from the campaign manager; clicking on Your Campaigns under your username at the top right corner; or clicking View All Campaigns in the left-hand menu. On the next page, there are four options that allow you to see what type of ads your business has been running.

Tips and Tricks


When you’re ready to create your first campaign, go to the Ads Manager and click Create Ad. You’ll be asked to enter a name for your campaign, so give it a unique title that will make sense to you. Then, choose your objective:
•To attract new customers •To raise awareness about your brand or product
Now select the audience you want to target. You can specify specific locations or age groups, gender and interests, or upload a custom list of email addresses or phone numbers. Enter in how much you’re willing to spend per day and then hit Next when you’re done. Review your ad before launching it by checking all of the details are correct and previewing what it will look like on Facebook. Once everything looks good, review your budget one last time and hit Place Order. After the order is placed, you’ll be redirected to an overview page where you can see statistics about who saw your ad. It’s important to understand what these stats mean so that you can optimize your ads moving forward.
Next, follow up with these handy tips on how to get more out of the ads manager:
1) Split test different images and headlines – Sometimes running two identical ads against each other with just a small difference will reveal which one performs better at attracting clicks from potential customers. Use this information as a guide for creating new campaigns.

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